Today was a good day, it's all I can say about today, a good day - Hoy fue un buen día, eso es todo lo que puedo decir

I mean it. Today was a good day, not the best day of my life, not a great day, just good. Today my internet went away, but then it came back. I was so much bored, but my little cousins came home and we went out. Happend some time with the family is always nice:) Days like today are not commons. I don't care how many times I say how much I hate my family, that's not true, I love all of them(L) They're a part of me that I can't change, and I like it.

Did I tell you how much my leg hurts? It's a lot of pain I am feeling now, and my shoulder hurts too. It sucks, pain sucks! Oh, and tomorrow I've got to wake up earlier, I must go to school. School sucks too! I'll love if I could stay at home, and wake up when I want to. But I can't. I always tell to myself: just one year more! But that is a lie, because in college I will have to wake up earlier as well, maybe even more early =.=
And because I am in the notebook, my neck it's the one who hurts now...

Ok, this are the two pictures I've got from today:)
This another is so much funny. Haaha

Good bless guys! :)


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